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lencomotion spindle extension for stacked platters

Over the past few weeks I have had a number of questions regarding the lencomotion bearing and stacked platters. In particular, was an extension for stacking platters available, or did the extensions currently available work with the lencomotion bearing. I … Continue reading


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the lencomotion bearing

The remit for this project was to produce a replacement for the original Lenco bearing, but making use of modern materials and manufacturing processes. The original bearing, while good for its time, does have its limitations. The Lencomotion bearing is … Continue reading

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the new bearing

Lencomotion is pleased to announce a new replacement bearing for heavy platter Lenco turntables. This is an all new bearing fabricated using modern materials and production methods, and provides a significant improvement over the original bearing. Tighter tolerances and the use of Teflon bushes … Continue reading

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