price list

The following is a list of Lenco replacement parts and accessories available from lencomotion. For full prices, including shipping and payment details, please get in touch using the contact page.

lencomotion bearing  – replacement bearing for heavy platter Lenco turntables

240.00€ + P&P

lencomotion bearing oil – high quality additive free mineral oil suitable for both the original Lenco bearing, and the lencomotion bearing.

2.50€ + P&P

spark suppression capacitor – spark supression capacitor replacement for the original Lenco power switch capacitor

1.80€ + P&P

lencomotion chip amp – solid state amp based on the LM1875 chip. Very detailed and neutral sounding amplifier that can be supplied in a number of bespoke versions.

from 220,00€ + P&P

lencomotion ´El Cid MkII´ audio interconnects – low capacitance silver plated copper cable with excellent signal shielding. Terminated in Amphenol Audio phono plugs using silver solder.

0.5m pair     35.00€ + P&P

1m pair     45.00€ + P&P

1m tonearm cable     60.00€ + P&P

lencomotion spindle extension – precision CNC machined from stainless steel and designed to fit snugly over the lencomotion, or standard Lenco bearing spindle, allowing a second Lenco platter to be accurately positioned on top.

35.00€ incl. P&P



2 Responses to price list

  1. Daniel Wong says:

    Hi Reese

    I saw from LH that you have made spindle extension, and eventually I found here. What an informative blog, thanks^_^

    I have 2 x Lenco 70 and would like to stack their platters together for my new project. Can your spindle extension works with L70?

    I also thinking of getting a spark suppressor and bearing oil from you, as well as the spindle extension. May I know the total price for these 3 items including shipping and.handling to Hong Kong?


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