lencomotion spindle extension for stacked platters

Over the past few weeks I have had a number of questions regarding the lencomotion bearing and stacked platters. In particular, was an extension for stacking platters available, or did the extensions currently available work with the lencomotion bearing.

I had a spindle extension made about 6 months ago for stacking platters on a standard Lenco bearing. This fit the standard bearing but the fit on the lencomotion bearing was a bit loose. While it worked it clearly wasn´t an ideal solution for the new bearing. So, time to design something new. My first thoughts were to go for a new spindle with a threaded top that would allow attachment of the extension. However, this would mean having another batch of spindles made, and the cost and time involved ruled this out. What was really needed was a simply insert that could be fitted to the top platter allowing it to be fitted securely over the spindle end protruding from the bottom platter. The result is the following prototype lencomotion spindle extension.


The extension is inserted into the platter bushing and the platter can then be fitted to the original bearing spindle.


I have had a couple of days now to play around with the setup and it all seems to work as it should. The prototype could be a bit longer by 3 to 4mm to make seating a clamp a bit easier, but this looks like the only modification that is needed.


The prototype was made from some scarp aluminium but the final product could be made from Delrin, stainless, or brass. At the moment I am looking to keep the cost as low as possible so that probably excludes the latter two materials. I´ll have a longer prototype made over the next couple of days and then, depending on time, and availability of materials, try and get a small batch of extensions made the first week of September.

At the moment I have no idea on pricing, material, or when the extension will be available. I would like to get this item out-the-door as quickly as possible, but as I do not make these myself, I am at the mercy of others regarding production schedules. So, keep an eye on the blog for future updates on this project.

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2 Responses to lencomotion spindle extension for stacked platters

  1. FILIPPOS says:

    HI..HOW MUCH IT COST TO BUY?…spindle extension for stacked platters…

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