the chip amp

Over the past couple of years I have been playing around with little chip amps. When I started looking at these I was firmly rooted in the tube amp camp, and really thought that I had found the sound I was after. However, my first chip amp was a real awakening for me. The sound was clean and neutral, and the music just seemed to flow from the speakers with such ease.

DSCF0298Over time I have refined the design of the amplifier and power supply, and the low component count makes voicing the amplifier a relatively easy task. The latest iteration of the amp is an attempt to address the aesthetics, making the amp a little easier on the eye.

The journey certainly isn´t over yet. I have a number of ideas for further refinements, both internally and externally.

DSCF0300In response to a number of requests I have decided to produce a limited number of the latest version of the this amp. These will use hand wound toroid transformers, high quality resistors and capacitors.

Contact me for more information on specifications and pricing.

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