lenco headshell

The Lencomotion headshell has been in development now for the last couple of years and, although a prototype exists, the final design is still evolving.


The original idea was to produce a heavy headshell for the rare Lenco P77 tonearm. The original headshell for P77 is heavy and this extra weight over the standard headshell helps to balance the arm correctly. However, as there has been demand for a replacement standard headshell as well the design process has been expanded to include 2 variants; the P77 version, and a lighter version for the stock tonearm.

These replacement headshells will have the advantage of standard cartridge mounting slots to allow the use of a wider range of cartridges, and to make alignment much easier.

There should be some new prototypes available to test in the near future.

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10 Responses to lenco headshell

  1. jonahsdad says:

    Hey Reese, hows about an L70 version? Site’s looking good btw. Good luck with the venture.

    • ecosprog says:

      I have/am considering it, but as the shape of the original is so much part of the attractiveness of the original design any other shape may look out of place. Lets get the P77/L75 one out the door first and then who knows what might come along.

  2. lidsmoes says:

    Congratulations with the beautiful products. I wish you all the best. If you would ever consider making a headshell for the L70, I’d certainly be a customer!

  3. Quek Swee Chong says:

    The headshell prototypes look great! I’m looking for a replacement for my Lenco 75 to fit a van den hul ddt 2 cart which I inherited. Let me know when it is ready! Excited.

  4. Raanan says:

    Hi,I would be interested in 1 or 2 L70 headshells/Raanan

    • ecosprog says:

      Unfortunately, the headshell prototype I am working on is for the L75/P77 connector. I have no plans for an L70 version, but thanks for your interest.

  5. gordon wilson says:

    I’m interested in a L75 headshell. Let me know

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