the new bearing

Lencomotion is pleased to announce a new replacement bearing for heavy platter Lenco turntables.


This is an all new bearing fabricated using modern materials and production methods, and provides a significant improvement over the original bearing. Tighter tolerances and the use of Teflon bushes produces an exceptionally quiet bearing which is almost maintenance free.

The bearing is provided in two models; standard, and PTP top plate.

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2 Responses to the new bearing

  1. Aril Normann says:

    Dear Sir
    Do you still offer the Lencomotion bearing for heavy platter Lenco L75? Mine is with standard top plate. What would this cost? Shipping costs to Norway? Would you be able to send it marked as “a gift” and with somewhat lower stated value, in order for me to save on 25%vat. and customs fee? If not, I totally understand.
    Looking forward to your answer.

    Best Regards, Aril

    • ecosprog says:

      Hi Aril,

      Unfortunately we no longer offer this bearing. Production costs for a new run were too high, but we are still looking for alternatives.

      Also, the site you have been looking at is our old site. You cna find our new site here

      Best regards,

      Reese Lind

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